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8 min readSep 28, 2020

The Zyrri ICO started by the 7th September 2020.

With a pre-sale that has already gathered more than 1000 investors, the Zyrri ICO is off to a good start.

The ICO will take place in 7 Rounds, ranging from September 7, 2020 at $ 0.37 to April 6, 2021 at $ 0.70. The listing price will be at $ 0.77

It is therefore very wise to position yourself as soon as possible, in order to benefit from the best purchasing conditions.

How to buy Zyrri ?

To buy Zyrri as part of the ICO, send an email to, a professional and dynamic team will support you in your efforts.

What is the Zyrri project ?

Following the success of the Zynecoin project and the deployment of Wethio, the first African blockchain, unique in its kind, a new page in history is currently being written with the creation of ZYRRI.

Now, the team behind Zynecoin have recognized their capabilities and are setting no limits to meet all the challenges of our time.

Therefore, to respond to all the issues that will arise for European and American societies in the weeks, months and years to come, ZYRRI will emerge as the solution.

To materialize and promote all the self-sufficiency potential explained in the 7 chapters of the white paper, an eco-village will be created near the city of Marrakech initially, before further duplication in Africa.

This project will therefore revolve around security in the broad sense, in order to provide practical solutions that address all priorities, even vital, concerns.

We will see, in this white paper, what will be the means implemented to achieve this.

White paper link:

There are 7 topics that caught our attention:

It will then be a question of ensuring self-sufficiency in food, water and energy, securing individuals and their goods, securing their health, guaranteeing access to knowledge, and finally we will conclude these 7 chapters with the spirituality.

Knowing that ZYRRI will evolve in this ecosystem based on an obviously very solid utility value, its speculative value will only be reinforced and, very probably, some nice surprises will have to be expected.

What is the Zyrri token ?

Zyrri is a token smart contract created with the aim of providing an ecosystem of data security and traceability.

The Zyrri token is a ZRC-20, fully integrating the mining and performance modalities of the Wethio blockchain.

Zyrri contract link:

Zyrri represents the trusted ecosystem designed to fuel a fair and balanced sustainable community.

Zyrri is built on the Wethio “blockchain” and powers a complete ecosystem.

Zyrri thus participates in the creation of a regime of trust between stakeholders through a system of peer-to-peer transactions without third parties or clashes.

Wethio encourages cooperation between participants and includes a redistribution of mining commissions.

The collaborative approach will encourage more participants to leverage the resources of the Wethio blockchain, resulting in widespread adoption and development of solutions.

Seven solutions brought by Zyrri ans its blockchain :

  1. Food security

This will materialize, very simply, by the purchase or rental of agricultural land and, to speak very factually, the team is already investing in a first lot of a few hectares around Marrakech, with the aim, among other things, of indulge in permaculture.

Permaculture stands out as the solution to this problem, because it relieves the environment, while helping to conserve precious and limited resources.

Sourcing quality food has become so complicated that it is almost inconceivable for producers and retailers to offer any guarantee of the origin of their products.

Consumers absolutely do not have the means to analyze precisely what is on their plate.

It therefore appears increasingly indisputable that the current processes of ensuring the quality and hygiene of food are absolutely not designed to detect fraud, nor sufficiently developed to eradicate it.
Thanks to the blockchain, absolutely no fraud is possible.

The traceability of the food produced will be fully guaranteed, allowing
consume with complete confidence, because it will be very easy to access complete food delivery information.

So, using a simple QR code and a smartphone, customers can, for example, scan the packaging at the point of sale and receive a complete history of its journey, from farm to fork !

2. Water security

Water is, of course, a vital issue. She is the supreme symbol of life on Earth.

You will understand, it is not simply a question of building wells but the stake will obviously be the potability of the water and its traceability via Blockchain technology.

3. Energy security

In view of the ecological disasters caused by the use of fossil energy, a healthy and economical solution is needed and we will deploy the means necessary to anticipate and achieve this transition.

Renewable energy brings together the sources of electricity using nature: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass. It is, by far, the best alternative for promoting ecology and the economy, compared to fossil fuels, which are much more energy-intensive and polluting.

Blockchain offers a revolutionary market to protect your consumption and buy green energy directly from producers.

ZYRRI will then put in place all the necessary means to develop and deploy this project throughout the African continent.

Particularly in remote areas where the electricity network is lacking, in order to probe the situation and see to what extent renewable energies can cover these areas.

Because where energy is, there is, de facto, the possibility of economic development.

Then, thanks to a simple mobile application connected to the blockchain, we can easily measure, by habitat, consumption, know the alert zones, or even carry out prevention and stock management.

4. Safety of people and goods

You will also benefit, as part of the security of people, from a concierge who will help you, if you wish, to be a candidate for exile in Morocco and other places in Africa, according to your skills. , your wishes, your background, etc …

Everything will therefore be organized, according to several personal criteria that will correlate with your future host land.

This concierge service, which is intended to represent only a support system among the many other ZYRRI services, will consist of facilitating the best possible integration of people, in complete safety and

will prove to be very effective when the time comes.

When it comes to securing property, we are increasingly seeing a new kind of crime.

The one that violates your privacy and your property, by not entering through the door or the window. It is, at the same time, non-violent and malicious. But we will see, later, that it can very well become violent …

We have all, at least once, heard of people being the victims of computer theft (s) or scam (s).

In order to prevent this type of attack, it will be a question, through “data mining” algorithms (data mining), of detecting the areas at risk, by carrying out an in-depth study of the environment, permanently and in real time.

We are therefore thinking about smart mobility, still, of course, using blockchain and artificial intelligence technology.

For those who do not know, a little reminder on what artificial intelligence (AI) is: Artificial intelligence (AI) is what demonstrates the ability of a program to learn and analyze in a meaningful way. In other words, it is the engineering of intelligent computer software.

5. Health

No matter how much we offer an alternative medicine program as part of ZYRRI, we will be mainly interested in prevention, using all forms of medicine, preventive, innovative and technological.

And speaking of technology, the blockchain will make all these alternatives a reality.

In exchange for ZYRRI, you can afford the luxury of a tailor-made program, taking into account your current state of health, any contraindications, allergies, your physical ability, etc.

Just as much strictly personal data which will benefit from rigorous monitoring and which, thanks to the blockchain, will be saved in a completely secure manner.

6. Access to knowledge

Following the many political crises, dictatorships are very likely to be established in the West. And information, like freedom of expression, will be increasingly limited, with the risk of internet restriction or even total suppression …

The Internet being an ideal tool for fomenting social revolts, the risk is real. It will then be necessary to show ingenuity to counter this type of scenario.

The only obvious solution, if we really want to address this risk factor, is to have our own satellite link.

Once our own private internet network is acquired, absolutely nothing cannot stand in the way of communication and access to knowledge.

In addition, wherever we are, when we want and whatever events arise, it will always be possible to access our wallet.

All these undeniable advantages will give extraordinary strength and power to the value of Zynecoin, the Wethio blockchain and of course ZYRRI.

7. Spirituality

The human being devoid of all spirituality is obviously in total insecurity, since, not believing in transcendence, his only response to the fullness of life would be nothingness!

To do this, within the framework of the Wethio blockchain, all religious communities will be able, if we can say so, to “blockchain” their sacred texts.

Therefore, once on the blockchain, these texts will be completely saved and, obviously, definitely untouchable.

No one will have escaped the notice, ZYRRI is out of the ordinary and although at first glance the idea may surprise, linking blockchain with religious beliefs is absolutely nothing foolish, quite the contrary.

After all, what could be more normal than to bring together religious faith and the best technology guaranteeing confidence.


What ZYRRI therefore offers is simply extraordinary and above all, novel.

With such utility value, we are very clearly on another planet and ZYN, as well as ZYRRI, could reasonably aspire to establish their supremacy in the world of cryptocurrencies.

You will understand, there is a scent of revolution that announces a bright future.

And you will have to fasten your seatbelt when takeoff takes place!


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