Revolutionising Africa’s future: Wethio Project leads the charge

Zynecoin by Wethio Project
3 min readMar 29, 2024


Wethio Project is committed to building a sustainable future for Africa and beyond

In the heart of Africa’s digital revolution, a transformative force is emerging, poised to redefine the continent’s economic landscape. Enter Wethio Project, a trailblazing platform that is igniting a new era of prosperity and opportunity across Africa and beyond. The Zynecoin is the cryptocurrency of the Wethio Project, which was created 4 years ago and hosts 157 decentralised masternodes. Various decentralised applications (dapps) have been developed, including Wethio wallet, Wethio scan, Wethio stats, and Wethio pool, among others, as well as bridges to Ethereum and Binance Chain. Wethio’s mining fee distribution is unique, divided among four entities: 40 per cent for masternodes, 10 per cent for voters, 25 per cent for African states, and 25 per cent for on-the- ground non-profit organisations operating in Africa. ‘Wethio’ means ‘exchange’ in the Wolof language, highlighting the strong ethical dimension of this project.

Recently, Zynecoin has gained significant utility value with the deployment of Mister Z, an incubator that guarantees investors 100 per cent scam-free projects and a safety net in case of project failure. Token purchases can only be made exclusively in Zynecoin, which gives it a strong potential for value appreciation.

Unleashing the Power of Blockchain

At the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative is the Wethio Project, a decentralised powerhouse that is revolutionising wealth creation. With its revolutionary token, Zynecoin, every interaction becomes an opportunity to unlock prosperity and drive positive change. Through cutting-edge mining technology, individuals across Africa are empowered to participate in the digital economy and secure their financial futures.

A Beacon of Innovation

Since its inception, Zynecoin has captivated the imagination of investors worldwide, cementing its position as a leading digital asset. With listings on premier exchanges such as Probit and DigiFinex, Zynecoin is poised for exponential growth and widespread adoption. As it prepares to debut on the world’s top 10 exchange platforms, the global community is taking notice of Africa’s burgeoning digital economy.

Fostering Africa’s Future

Wethio Project’s impact extends far beyond Africa’s borders, with a presence on four continents and a portfolio of pioneering ventures in diverse industries. From cutting- edge technology hubs in Zug, Dubai, Panama, and Marrakech to vibrant innovation ecosystems in Bangalore, its initiatives are driving innovation and economic growth on a global scale.

Building a Sustainable Future

Wethio Project is committed to building a sustainable future for Africa and beyond. Through initiatives like Wiwin and Wethio Space, incubated by Mister Z, its crypto incubator, it is shaping the digital landscape and empowering communities to thrive in the digital age.

The Ethical and Utility Value

The Wethio Project represents an ethical blockchain, leveraging Africa’s strong development potential. Zynecoin’s upcoming listing on a top 10 exchange next month is expected to boost its value significantly. With the deployment of its strong utility value, represented by the Mister Z incubator, now is the ideal time to invest. Available on Probit and DigiFinex, Zynecoin has been listed for five years, during which Wethio Project has built an entire ecosystem.

Why Anti-Scam?

Investor funds in Wethio’s projects are safeguarded by an expert-managed system, mitigating risks of fraud. Funds are held in the form of Zynecoin tokens, reviewed and validated by the team before usage, ensuring transparency and security. In case of project failure, investors’ funds are converted into Zyne cash for reinvestment in other Mister Z-supported projects.

Join the Revolution

With just $100, anyone can participate in Wethio’s projects, making investment accessible to all. Invest in projects exclusively with Zynecoin and be part of its expanding portfolio, with 2 running and 12 in development, aiming for 50 by year- end.