Wethio pool is a decentralized staking platform for the Wethio blockchain.
Wethio Pool aims to bring more decentralization to the blockchain while improving the stakers rewarding model.

6 months after the launch of its blockchain, the Wethio team found that some Zynecoin holders who do not have the 17,000 ZYN to create their masternode, earn less through the voting process compared to the masternodes owners.
The latter create masternodes and accumulate higher rewards.
There are also some people who have created multiple masternodes, which contradicts the blockchain philosophy in general and that of Wethio which aims to make its blockchain much more decentralized.

Another scenario appears. When the owner of a masternode decides to “resign” or shut down his server, the voters of that masternode then lose their daily rewards until they notice.

Because of this, the Wethio team thought of another system called Wethio Pool. It wants to be fair and decentralized, which gives the same rights to the owners of masternodes and to voters. The rewards are also fairer.

More precisely, in Wethio Pool there is no notion of “masternode owner”.
The pool belongs to all the people who put ZYN (the stakers) into it.
In other words, for each pool, there is a smart contract that is deployed on the wethio blockchain. The stakers then can add Zynecoins to it. Once the 17,000 ZYN is reached, this smart contract calls on Wethio Master to propose the pool as a candidate.

As a first step, the Wethio team will take care of the creation of the pools for the people of the Wethio club as a priority.

Requests to start a new pool are to be sent to: contact@zynecoin.io

To familiarize yourself with this new system :

Wethio Testnet
Tetsnet link: https://pool.testnet.wethio.io/

a) RPC url -https: //rpc.testnet.wethio.io
b) Network Id — 79
c) Explorer Url — https://explorer.testnet.wethio.io
d) Symbol: ZYN

For free test zyns, you can use our faucet: https://faucet.testnet.wethio.io/

NB: These are just test ZYNs so you cannot use them in the real world or sell them in the markets.



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