WethioX this new crypto exchange in Africa

September 7, 2021 will be the opening to the general public of this new crypto exchange !

WethioX is designed to become the benchmark exchange in Africa and to be a major asset in the world.

This new exchange will change the approach to the current market offer and will exclusively offer an ecosystem based on ethical finance.

What is it concretely, what challenge does this team face and what solutions are proposed ?


Currently, traditional crypto-asset platforms reproduce the same drifts as traditional finance and no longer meet the demand of people wishing to invest with respect for a vision and ethical value in their choice of supports and services.

Indeed, all toxic services of speculation (short sale, option, future …) and usury (leverage, interest loans …) are present today.

To date, there is no platform oering this type of approach as complete and insightfull as WethioX.


In order to meet this challenge, our team has developed an exchange platform called WethioX (Which means exchange In Wolof, Senagalese language), with a purely ethical vocation and which does not incorporate any of these toxic services.

Their objective of becoming the market leader in 48 months is achievable, because the particularity of WethioX, in its choice to fight against speculative drifts, gives it a considerable competitive edge, compared to existing conventional platforms, which opens a multi-million users international market.


The team benefits from a long experience of several years in the field of cryptocurrency and already has 4 ICOs (Initial Coin Oerings) carried out successfully. Also, we have more than ten years of experience in the marketing and development of new digital technologies.

The teams are based in Zurich for Europe, Marrakech for Africa, Dubai for the Middle East and soon Singapore for Asia, in order to be able to cover as many areas of the world favorable to cryptocurrency and Blockchain as possible.

Therefore, this will allow WethioX to capture more and more users.


The Afrix is ​​the token of the WethioX crypto-asset exchange platform.

A token is a unit of value created on the Blockchain, which can be exchanged on the market or used in an ecosystem.

The Afrix will offer multiple uses on the WethioX platform (payments, transactions, reduced user fees, etc.) and it offers very high potential for return on investment.

The Afrix is ​​also available on probit.com


Informations : contact@afrix.io

WebSites : www.wethiox.io / www.afrix.io

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/VvLjmtVVAVJiMTQ0

Twitter : https://twitter.com/WethioX

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WethioX

Telegram Annoucement : https://t.me/joinchat/RwWPiYBOCcc5YWRk

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The most ambitious project in Africa in the field of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT

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Wethio Project

Wethio Project

The most ambitious project in Africa in the field of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT

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