Zynecoin: A Blockchain Revolution at the Heart of Africa

Zynecoin by Wethio Project
2 min readMar 29, 2024


Zynecoin: A Blockchain Revolution at the Heart of Africa

In the ever-evolving universe of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, an especially innovative initiative is drawing attention: Zynecoin, powered by the first African blockchain, Wethio. Established in 2020, this blockchain represents a significant step forward for Africa, a continent with immense potential in terms of decentralization and the use of blockchain technologies.

A Unique and Committed Blockchain

What sets Wethio apart is its mining commission distribution structure, which directly supports sustainable development on the continent. With a fair allocation — 25% for the miners, 25% for the treasuries of African states, and 25% for NGOs — every transaction made on the blockchain contributes to vital projects in education, health, employment, and ecology.

Zynecoin at the Innovation’s Core

Beyond its ethical aspect, Zynecoin serves as a central pillar of the Wethio ecosystem, facilitating the deployment of smart contracts and ZRC20 tokens, thereby enhancing its utility value. The interoperability with other major blockchains through the creation of bridges and the development of specific DApps such as Wethio Wallet or Wethio Scan, demonstrate the versatility and direct impact of Zynecoin on ease of use and transaction security.

A Promising Future

The future of Zynecoin looks bright, particularly with the arrival of the MisterZ incubator, a platform dedicated to supporting new crypto projects, thus ensuring protection against scams for investors. The strict limitation of the Zynecoin supply to 100,150,000 tokens suggests an increase in its speculative value, strengthening its appeal in the cryptocurrency market.

Scarcity and Accessibility

The scarcity of Zynecoin is underscored by a limited token allocation and significant post-ICO destruction, thereby reducing its supply while potentially increasing demand. Available on several recognized exchange platforms, Zynecoin positions itself as an accessible asset for investors eager to participate in this African blockchain adventure.


Zynecoin, beyond its growth potential, embodies an innovative and ethical approach to the use of blockchain in Africa. It represents not only a promising financial tool but also an agent of social and economic change for the continent, perfectly illustrating how technology can serve goals of sustainable development and financial inclusion. With Zynecoin, Africa is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, promising a future where technology and ethics go hand in hand.

Web Site : www.zynecoin.io / www.misterz.com